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Chinook: Acid Range (Alpha %) 11.0-14.0%

A high alpha acid hop with a wonderful herbal, almost smoky character when used as an aromatic during the last few minutes of the boil when dry hopping.
Excellent for hopping American-style pale ales to lagers.

Cascades: Acid Range (Alpha %) 4.5-7.0%

Cascade is an aroma-type cultivar. A very popular US variety, with a moderate bitterness level and fragrant flower aroma, great dual-purpose hop.

Nugget: Acid Range (Alpha %) 12.0-14.5%

Nugget is a bittering-type cultivar with a heavy herbal aroma and flavor. Used for ales and stouts.

Tea Maker: Acid Range (Alpha %) 0.6-1.8%

A unique hybrid high aroma hop. Tea Maker adds flavor without additional bitterness. Is used as a "late hopping" aroma hop. Also makes a good flavored ice tea.
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